What type of identification should i provide for my pet?

All cats and dogs must wear collars with identification tags, rabies vaccination labels, and municipal or county licenses (when applicable). The identification tag must include the name, address, telephone numbers (day and night) and the name of the pet. Include your name and several phone numbers, such as home, mobile and office numbers, for easy contact. Microchip Before buying this chip the size of a grain of rice and implanting it under your dog's skin, make sure that local animal shelters and animal welfare agencies have a compatible scanner to detect and read the brand of the microchip.

Using pet identification can help ensure that your friend gets home with you as soon as possible, and this infographic shares useful information and tips you should know about pet IDs. Read on to learn more about the various ways to identify your dog, how they work, and how much they cost. With more than 10 million pets missing in the United States every year, many are never found because they don't have any type of identification. If your dog goes missing, equipping it now with one or more of these identification methods could improve the chances of it returning safely.

Take some time this July to learn about methods to identify your pet if it is lost or stolen, and then help spread information about how pet owners can prevent them from losing their pets. Studies show that 1 in 3 pets will be lost at some point in their lives and 90% of them will never return home without proper identification. By providing your pet with proper identification, you shouldn't rely on just one method to reunite with your lost pet. Proper identification ensures that, if your pet gets lost, the person who finds it can easily reach you and take your furry friend home safe and sound.

Lost pets that end up in a shelter are only twenty-two percent likely to be reunited with their owners, unless they have some form of identification. Microchips are relatively non-invasive to install and can help shelters and vets identify your pet (and, therefore, reunite you) if your pet has one.

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