How can i tell if a breeder or rescue organization is reputable and trustworthy when looking for a new pet?

You can find responsible dog breeders by asking your vet or trusted friends for referrals, contacting local breed clubs, or visiting professional dog shows. An Internet search for the group and its founders is the first and easiest thing you can do to identify a fake rescued dog. There are a lot of different rescue groups, pet stores and breeders, and a lot of mixed messages about what's best. The benefits of a responsible dog breeder, such as knowing the family's health problems, a good temperament, early socialization and the registration of your pet, can be lost when a puppy mill decides to disguise itself as a good reputation.

I am trying to buy a chinook puppy, I live in West Virginia, the breeder is in Georgia, he wants me to send him a MoneyGram, he says he will send me documents, but I want to see him in advance, maybe you should give me some advice, I would appreciate it, thank you very much. All dogs that the rescuers bring to Washington must have health certificates stating that they have been vaccinated against rabies and that they do not have heartworm disease. However, if you decide to buy a specific puppy from a breeder, it's absolutely vital that you carefully research where you're going to buy. Never agree to have a dog breeder meet you in a place other than the center or to send you your pet (unless you're looking for a rare breed that isn't offered where you live and you need to buy a dog somewhere else, and even then it's best to go there if you're serious about the legitimacy of your breeder).

For A dog, this can be hundreds of hours for an ethical rescue, which will spare no expense or simply sell the dog in a pet store to the first person with cash (that would be animal intermediation, under the pretext of “rescue”, another topic for another day). Scammers use ZELLE because of its appearance of security, since it is used through banks, BUT if you are scammed, there is nothing you can do to get your money back because you agree to the transfer. I'm looking for a legitimate way to get an honest opinion from someone who is affiliated with a rescue, shelter, etc. Modifying between 75 and 100 dogs that need medical care, vaccines, isn't cheap, rescues still have to pay a vet as well.

The only remarkable thing is that I myself, before leaving the for-profit organization, personally helped 9 dogs at home who would otherwise have been left in a bad situation. Why make things difficult for everyone who really wants to make a real home forever? And you, sick, ruthless and hateful demons, have to leave those furry babies alone, since you are not willing to help anyone in the long term and you rescue people.


Hi, My name is Panda, and I am part Border Collie and Pitbull mix with a very cheeky streak. My Dad says I am the best puppy dog on the planet, but I know we all are! 🦴️ 🐶

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