How can i make sure my pet is getting enough sleep?

Make sure they have a comfortable bed or sleeping area. Your dog needs at least one sleeping option that is away from foot traffic. Keep them away from anything that could wake them up, such as doors, children, or a busy kitchen. You should also make sure that they don't sleep in a place that's too warm or too cold.

Studies show that 63% of pet owners who share a bed with their four-legged friend sleep poorly. Sleep deprivation means that your pet's immune system doesn't have a chance to increase its strength and will be less effective at defending itself against foreign invaders that can cause illness, and it also prolongs recovery times. A dog that is used to sleeping with its humans could also have trouble adapting to a new routine if it stops sleeping with pets for some reason. While it may be tempting to take your furry friend to bed with you, sharing a bed with your pet can have a negative impact on sleep quality.

According to Petful, adult dogs sleep 12 to 14 hours a day on average, so if you discover that they're jumping all day long, it's unlikely that they'll stay asleep during the night for the 8 hours you sleep.

Chandra Vangompel
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