How can i make sure my pet is not exposed to loud noises or other stressors?

Feed them treats and use positive reinforcement while they're in a safe space to help them learn that they'll be fine in that space. Turning on the television or radio can cause a distracting noise so that your pet doesn't focus too much on the loud noises it fears. It's important to note that some dogs find any noise to be overstimulating, so experiment with what works for your dog. For your dog, petting him is a reward, so petting a dog that overreacts in an attempt to comfort him can also confuse him without realizing it and reinforce his anxious behavior.

Despite the best intentions, during exposure exercises there may be times when your pet gets too close to the stimulus to calm down or calm down effectively. When scary sounds affecting your pet cannot be avoided, create a space for your pet to go for safety reasons. And get articles, ideas and offers delivered straight to your email inbox to help keep your pets happy and healthy naturally. Desensitization is a technique that involves exposing the pet to a stimulus that would normally cause an undesirable reaction at an extremely low level, so that there is no response.

To keep your pet safe, for any fireworks show or outdoor symphony you want to attend, it's best to leave your puppy safe and sound at home. However, desensitization doesn't work well for certain noise phobias, such as thunderstorm phobia, since storms are multisensory. If your dog is still stressed by loud noises after trying these steps, you should consult your vet for further advice. For some pets during thunderstorms, using a comforter or blanket in a metal bathtub instead of plastic can reduce the static electricity component.

If you have a pet on Vancouver Island of an animal that fears loud noises, such as thunder or fireworks, you know how easily that fear can negatively affect their well-being. Finding this threshold and developing an exposure gradient are the keys to successful desensitization.

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